Conversion to LED creates huge savings across the entire fleet


It’s an exciting time as the civil and mining sectors both show positive signs of growth. Many businesses are gearing up to meet the increasing demand. In fact, one client of Allight – a major supplier of contracting services to the mining and civil sectors – is refurbishing and upgrading their entire stock of Allight lighting towers.​

This leading contractor runs a very large fleet of Allight Lighting Towers, with some of the trailer-mounted machines now up to 10 years old.

Yet, just like any industrial machinery that’s been subjected to prolonged hard work over its working life, the entire inventory is ready for a major service and maintenance regime.

Many of the engines have worked reliably for 10,000 to 20,000 hours, so it’s time for a bit of love and attention. After such a rigorous and sustained work history – often operating non-stop in some of the toughest environments in the world – quite simply, the engines get a bit tired.

Some of these machines were designed and commissioned back in 2007, so whilst they’ve faithfully put in the hard yards and effectively done their job, there’s been significant advances in technology since they were first sent to the worksite.

So by upgrading from the existing metal halide lamps, and converting to the latest LED technology, the refurbished lighting towers now deliver a brighter, more controlled arc of light.

It gets better: with the new LED lights installed, it also significantly lessens the load on the engine. And with the engine operating at less revs, it reduces the fuel burn.

“By converting these existing Allight lighting towers from metal halide to LED technology – and servicing the motors – we can reduce the fuel burn from 2.7 litres an hour down to a smaller 0.92 litres an hour. That’s a big saving – over half the cost of fuel” said Brett Hansen, Territory Manager.

We’re shining a light on safety, productivity and efficiency.

The LED light conversion shines a light on worksite safety and can slash the operating cost of the machine. With the high cost of fuel biting into every bottom line, clearly that’s a serious benefit for any business.

The reduced fuel burn – and the massive savings that represents – is also due to the complete overhaul that each machine receives from the Allight service team. That’s right, as the production crew is upgrading the lights from metal halide to LED, the service department takes care of the servicing requirements plus any mechanical repairs that are identified on each machine.

“Following a comprehensive safety and efficiency review, each machine is serviced according to our exacting maintenance schedule” said Mal Johnston, Service Manager.

“We look at everything – the belts, the radiator, engine mounts, hoses, the alternator – from top to bottom. If any parts need replacement, we do it on the spot. Or if they can be cleaned and made as good as new, we do that too. It all part of the Allight service and upgrade”.

“By the time each machine is finished and ready for dispatch to the worksite, we’re confident these machines are good for reliable and efficient operation for many years to come” explained Mal.

This service and maintenance operation is being planned meticulously. The logistics takes into account that our client is currently busy on multiple sites across WA and so need a choice of machines to be operational at all times.

So selected machines are delivered to the Allight Landsdale production facility six units at a time. That’s because six machines is the perfect size for a flat-bed truck maximising the total efficiency of this Lighting Tower fleet refurbishment, service and upgrade.

As each batch of six units is returned to site, another six machines arrive for a total upgrade and service. This way, the team at Allight is progressively working through this client’s entire inventory of Allight Lighting Towers, ensuring each one of the machines is completely overhauled and working harder and more efficiently than ever before.

To discuss your service and upgrade options – or to review the latest innovative lighting towers now available from Allight – contact our team on freecall 1300 255 444 (AUS) or email

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