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If you’re in business, you should have two targets constantly on your radar – reduce operating costs and improve productivity. For those in the mining and construction industry, it’s often a combination of small, long-term wins that help you reach those targets. 

One small win that, over time, will amount to big savings and improved productivity is choosing the right mobile lighting tower. However, it’s only once you switch the lights on that you really notice the difference. 

There are six key features you should look for before choosing a lighting tower:

  • Fuel capacity 
  • Fuel efficiency 
  • Light coverage
  • Ease of transport
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability

So, where do you find a lighting tower that is superior in all these areas? Let’s look at how Allight is leading the field with their mobile lighting towers.

Fuel capacity of lighting towers

Lighting Tower 360 degree

A larger fuel capacity for your mobile lighting tower means less manual servicing. If you’re running your operation in a remote area, this can add up to big long-term savings. Also, having a larger fuel capacity means fewer interruptions or downtime. 

Fuel-efficient lighting towers        

Allight has dedicated itself to producing more fuel-efficient mobile lighting towers. Much of the success is due to the use of Perkins engines. With over 85 years’ experience and 800+ OEM customers worldwide, Perkins has a proven track record in providing reliable and fuel efficient engines into mining and construction equipment. 

To give you an example of how fuel efficient the Perkins engine is, let’s look at some of the specs of Allight’ MSLED240K-9

  • Perkins 402D-05 engine
  • Fuel capacity of 300L
  • Fuel consumption of 0.85 litres / hr     

Coverage of your lighting tower

Lighting towers LED lights

It’s a simple equation – if your lighting tower provides a larger spread of light, you’ll need fewer mobile lighting towers in a particular application. It’s easy to see how the savings can add up over time. Of the 1000 plus lighting towers that Allight manufacture each year, a 20 lux spread of LED light per tower can range from 2,500 sqm to 60,000 sqm.

The main consideration when measuring light coverage is the level of light that hits the area of operation. This is often referred to as the amount of lux. The OHSA outlines the value of lux recommended in the workplace. Make sure you discuss with Allight the range of lux required for your project.

Transporting your lighting towers

There is a fine balance between designing a lighting tower that is robust enough to handle all conditions but still small enough to easily transport. If you need multiple lighting towers in a remote location, you’ll want a compact, powerful lighting tower to ensure you minimise transport costs. Allight offer various sized lighting towers from the larger Superskid models to the more compact urban varieties. 

How to reduce lighting tower maintenance

Lighting tower components

The mobile lighting towers manufactured by Allight feature a rugged powder-coated steel body which helps them withstand harsh environments for long periods. Many of the lighting towers feature smart monitoring and can be accessed remotely. This means less need for manual checks on site.  

Choosing a fuel-efficient lighting tower will not only save you on fuel costs but also the labour costs for refuelling. For example, the MineSpec mobile lighting towers only need refuelling once a month.

How to choose a reliable lighting tower

Last but certainly not least is reliability. A reliable mobile lighting tower will pay for itself ten times over. How and where the lighting tower is manufactured, as well as the components used, will determine its reliability. With Allight, all lighting towers are all manufactured on site in their Perth manufacturing facility and are fitted with Perkins engines. Perkins has a proven track record with a range of machinery used in mining and construction.

Allight prides itself on manufacturing reliable and cost-efficient mobile lighting towers. All towers are designed to meet health and safety guidelines, as well as environmental regulations.

To find out more about our lighting towers, contact Allight today.

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